Secure Waste Solutions understands that some documents need extra care when disposing due to their confidential nature. Where documents are sensitive and confidential, Secure Waste Solutions can provide a collection, destruction and recycling service. Secure Waste Solutions can supply one or more securely locked 120, 240 or 1100 Litre mobile wheelie bins on either a temporary or permanent basis. Our confidential Document Destruction collections are charged by the collection and are taken away for shredding. Certificates of destruction are also supplied.
All our bins come fitted with chains and padlocks to ensure that no unauthorised access by staff members, cleaners, visitors or tradesman etc can occur. Each bin is monitored by usage and recommendations are made to ensure the most efficient and economical solution for your business on an ongoing basis.

We ensure that each bin we deliver and remove have the following:

  • A padlocked lid with drop-slot for added security

  • Is delivered & collected by our accredited transportation subcontractors

  • Is shredded at an accredited facility

  • A Certificate of Destruction on completion

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