Do you work in an office of 5 or 500? A manufacturing site, automotive business, cafe or restaurant? Wherever you spend your day, Secure Waste Solutions has a range of services and products to offer you to make recycling simple.

There are so many innovative ways materials can be recycled and we can make sure your recyclables are treated in the most environmentally friendly way.

We'll take care of your needs in a bin type to suit the volume and access restrictions.

  • Mixed Cardboard & Paper Recycling

  • Office Paper Recycling

  • Mixed Comingled Recycling

  • Timber Recycling

  • Metal Recycling

  • Battery Recycling

  • Concrete and mixed construction waste

  • Filter recyclng


Secure Waste Solutions provides recycling services to offices, commercial premises, schools, industrial and manufacturing organisations, and any other location that generates paper and cardboard for recycling.


Workplace recycling has never been so easy and convenient. Recycle your office paper, cardboard, plastic containers, glass bottles and jars, aluminium or steel cans all in the one bin. You no longer need to separate your recyclables as we do it all for you.


Designed for the recycling of sensitive and confidential documents, this service is suited to businesses that need to ensure such documents are appropriately handled and destroyed.