Secure Waste Solutions staff have been handling waste removal and recycling for in the waste industry for over 20 years now, making us an expert in our field. With numerous skip sizes and truck capabilities, Secure Waste Solutions is capable of tailoring a waste removal program that is personalised to your needs and preferences and your budget.
From small, medium and large businesses of any variety, small manufacturing factories to large consumer plants, small cafes to large restaurants, hospitals and medical centres, service stations and tyre and auto outlets or from simple retail strips to complex shopping centres – if you have a waste problem, we will provide the solution for you!!!

Items that fall under our Commercial Waste Solutions category include any waste that needs to be removed from your business whether it is of a hazardous or NON hazardous type including but not limited to:

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We can also provide:

  • Rear lift bins

  • Front lift bins

  • Morrell bins

  • Bulk bins

  • Waste Compactors

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